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Janna Ryan, Paul Ryan's Wife, Lobbied for the Cigar Industry

It looks like recent Republican vice Presidential nominee, Paul Ryan's wife lobbied for the Cigar Industry...

But the wife of Mitt Romney's vice presidential pick spent a decade in Washington herself, first as a congressional aide and then as a corporate lobbyist, whose clients included the cigar industry...

HuffPo plays this like a "bug". I call it a feature. :)

The $800 birthday cigar

There are some high school principals who need to be spanked. And that's especially if they stupidly cling to "zero tolerance" policies...

The high school has a zero tolerance for tobacco and alcohol, and all students sign a code-of-conduct pledge. This student is in band, which that had planned an out-of-state trip over spring break. For this, the student signed another code-of-conduct pledge.

So, how does one cigar ruin the trip?

The student, who is not a smoker, nevertheless had a celebratory cigar on his 18th birthday in February.

Unfortunately, the school had a random test and the boy — now 18 and an adult — had results showing nicotine, a first offense. The punishment is to be denied participation in the club's first event after the offense. That happened, punishment meted and served.

Slippery Slope

By: Bart Goddard

is more slippery than we thought. Hot on the heels of last month's announcement that UT is a non-smoking campus (caving in to corporate pressure) comes the following:

Padron Crop Destroyed by Hail

It looks like a freak storm did some real damage...

A hailstorm in Nicaragua turned a crop of tobacco destined to become Padrón cigars into a tattered mess.

The storm struck Saturday in Jalapa, Nicaragua. The field of tobacco was supposed to become wrappers on Padrón 1964 Anniversary Series and other cigars. But the hailstorm peppered the plants with holes, rendering them useless for wrapper.

I guess we should expect the proce of our Padrons to go up. :/

New Cigar Movie

At a time when smoking a cigar in a movie can get you a full-blown protest or at least an "R" rating, it's nice to see a movie about cigars...

By Alexander Britell

While Cuban cigars are renowned the world over for their quality and their history, the process of how Cuban cigars are made – and just what they mean to the Cuban people – have remained largely unexplored, particularly in film. But thanks to the efforts of James Suckling – one of the world’s leading experts on cigars (and wine), viewers of his new film, Cigars: The Heart & Soul of Cuba, get a unique glimpse into the culture and production of habanos.


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