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Do you enjoy fine cigars? Have you ever lost your cigar tasting notebook? Do you have a cigar tasting notebook? Here is a place that you can store your cigar tasting reviews, whether they be Cuban vitolas, Honduran cigars, Jamaican sticks, etc. Other folks can also take advantage of your expertise when they use your review to decide on a new cigar to try, or simply to compare notes. You can also find out what others thought of a certain cigar.

Single Malt Scotch for Cigar Smokers

A little pricy for my taste, but I'm sure some of you would enjoy it...

But now, with cigar smoking once again in vogue, Dalmore introduces a new and vastly improved cigar malt, The Dalmore Cigar Malt Reserve at $125 a 750 ml decanter.

Maybe some day I'll get to buy a glass of it to try it, but it will be a special occasion, and probably not repeated. :)

Swisher to Release Premium Cigar Line

Since I've been smoking premium cigars, the name Swisher Sweet has always been associated with a cigar joke to me. But I wonder who's going to be laughing now?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Swisher International is entering the premium cigar market with the launch of its new Royal Gold Cigars division. The tobacco company has tapped cigar industry veteran Alex Goldman to lead the division, which was specifically created to build upon his experience.

Mobile Cigar Store Makes Debut

Wow! I remember as a little child hearing the "ding, ding" that signaled the ice cream man! Now there is someone in a mobile van delivering tasty smokable treats...

That’s why the 45-year-old electrician by trade launched Satellite Cigar – a mobile stogie store that travels the area, offering cigar tastings to the inexperienced and delivery services to the seasoned smoker.

Two Great Things that Go Great Together

I study my faith all the time while I'm smoking a fine cigar. Here is a somewhat "official" venue...

ROCKY RIVER, Ohio - Eric Van Scyoc, lecturing on the miracle of the Transfiguration of Christ, is blowing a lot of smoke. Literally.

That's because he is actually puffing on a big cigar as he discusses St. Matthew's Gospel writings of Jesus meeting Moses and Elijah -- back from the dead -- on a mountain top.

Take Down That Sign

Smokey Shop III had hired a troup of traveling artists to paint a mural on their building. They soon ran afoul of a county ordinance...

Because the business sells cigars and the mural features a cigar, county zoning official Jessica Alexander said the mural was classified as a sign. And because the "sign" is promoting something the store sells, Alexander said it broke the ordinance and had to be removed.

Cigars Shops Decry FDA Oversight of Regulation

There they go again...

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is considering regulating premium cigars, much to the chagrin of cigar shops across the country.

The FDA was given authority to regulate all tobacco back in 2009 and until now it hasn't actually made new regulations for cigars. But the organization does say that it is developing a strategy to regulate tobacco products beyond those already regulated.


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