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Do you enjoy fine cigars? Have you ever lost your cigar tasting notebook? Do you have a cigar tasting notebook? Here is a place that you can store your cigar tasting reviews, whether they be Cuban vitolas, Honduran cigars, Jamaican sticks, etc. Other folks can also take advantage of your expertise when they use your review to decide on a new cigar to try, or simply to compare notes. You can also find out what others thought of a certain cigar.

Cuba Accuses U.S. of Stealing Trademark

Well, kind of, I guess...

Cuba has accused the U.S. of allowing American companies to "blatantly steal" some of the island's most important brand names, following a court decision over the famous Cohiba cigar brand.

Cigars carrying the name of this well-known brand, which was created in Cuba in the 1960s, have been sold in the U.S. since 1981 by General Cigar Co., an American company based in Richmond, Virginia.

California Puts The Kabosh on "Herfmobile"

That's the best way I can think of describing a "mobile cigar lounge". I wish we had something like this where I live. It's like the ice cream truck for cigar smokers.

CigaRV, aka "The Mobile Man Cave," was snuffed when the state refused to renew its license citing a new ruling for mobile tobacco retailers. The Concord-based company had been rolling since 2010 and will now likely be sold out of state.

10 Best Cigar Men in Film and TV

Now this is a neat list...

10. Gomez Addams – The Addams Family

The head of the kooky Addams family always looked classy in his suit with cigar in hand. Gomez had style, great athletic ability, and love for his Cara Mia. Both a TV show and a movie, I’m more partial to John Astin, the TV Gomez than Raul Julia, the movie one. John just looked a little more goofy, so I can relate.

Caveat Emptor

We have all heard stories (or even experienced) a beach vendor of cigars whose cousin's brother-in-law's uncle works at the Cohiba factory, and they can sell you this box of cigars which normally goes for $600 for half price. Sometimes the box has a glass top. Paul Hergott relates his story.

My buddy was offered jewelry and, when that didn’t seem to catch his attention, he was offered cigars. Out came a wooden cigar box containing five Cuban cigars, though of course who knows if they were really Cuban!

I Like Smoking Cigars, But Eating Them?!?!?!

Some Croatian chefs think you should...

A team of Croatian chefs has whipped up a pungent meal that infuses the flavor of tobacco leaf into baked stone bass filets, bread and butter, a rich demi-glace sauce, even ice cream.

The result is a tangy heat that one taster likens to ancho chili powder, and a powerful finish with all the nicotine kick of a chubby Montecristo cigar.

Two More Great Things That Go Great Together

Guns and cigars...

The layout is straightforward; we will discuss five firearms near and dear to the hearts of the American shooter. My gun-writer outlook will come first and then Ben will add his thoughts and opinion of the perfect cigar to accompany said hardware. Guns and the cigars to go with them; who could ask for more?


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