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Do you enjoy fine cigars? Have you ever lost your cigar tasting notebook? Do you have a cigar tasting notebook? Here is a place that you can store your cigar tasting reviews, whether they be Cuban vitolas, Honduran cigars, Jamaican sticks, etc. Other folks can also take advantage of your expertise when they use your review to decide on a new cigar to try, or simply to compare notes. You can also find out what others thought of a certain cigar.

Forums Have Been Updated

I was toying with phpBB as forum software, but I could not get it integrated into the site properly, then I found a module called "Advanced Forums". Works with the same "node" system that the site uses, but with some neat extras. Maybe I'll do some coding and submit some patches.

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Are you new to cigars and cigar smoking? Have you searched this site and not found the information you need? There is now a contact form available to send a specific question to our panel of experts, and get an answer both in e-mail and published to the site. Ask the expert.

Cigar Club Re-Opens Patio

You know, I get tired of people who don't like cigars. Especially those who don't mind cigarettes. We can kind of chalk this one up to the "win" column...

SUGAR LAND, TX – Smoker or not– sometimes right is just right.

About a year ago, the Cigar Cigar! club at Sugar Land Town Square got word their customers could no longer smoke on the club’s outdoor patio.

Cigars & Poker Save Jews During World War II

Who'd a thunk it!

“Rescue in the Philippines: Refuge from the Holocaust,” tells the story of how the five Frieder brothers from Cincinnati, built a cigar empire in Manila and with the help of poker aficionados Col. Dwight Eisenhower, U.S. High Commissioner to the Philippines Paul McNutt and the first president of the Commonwealth of the Philippines, Manuel Quezon, helped 1,200 Jews find haven in that country.

Follow Your Passion

These two guys did.

Mike Eracleo and his partner, Panos Panourgias, started Gate City Cigars after they met and formed a friendship at Castro's Back Room cigar shop. After hearing that Panourgias was looking to start his own cigar business, Eracleo said he convinced Panourgias to let him in on the ground floor.


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