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Do you enjoy fine cigars? Have you ever lost your cigar tasting notebook? Do you have a cigar tasting notebook? Here is a place that you can store your cigar tasting reviews, whether they be Cuban vitolas, Honduran cigars, Jamaican sticks, etc. Other folks can also take advantage of your expertise when they use your review to decide on a new cigar to try, or simply to compare notes. You can also find out what others thought of a certain cigar.

Smoke Nazis Control Boston

Looks like there are fewer and fewer places to smoke in Boston.

The ban, which makes it illegal to smoke cigars, cigarettes, marijuana, and other "lighted or vaporized" substances in a city-run park, went into effect immediately after the commission's vote.

You know what ticks me off more than the smoking ban? It's the ban on "vaporized" substances which targets e-cigarettes and e-cigars which hurt nobody. They're just a magnet for confrontational busybodies.

Cigar Bars On Cruise Ships

I am pretty knowledgable when it comes to the cigar bars on board cruise ships. I will not take a cruise on a ship that is not cigar friendly. A big part of the enjoyment of the cruise is to be able to smoke a cigar indoors in a comfortable environment when the weather is inclement.

USA Today reported on it.

I have been in the Carona Cigar Lounge on the Norwiegian Gem. It's great!

Here are the standouts at sea:

Bill To Collect Internet Sales Tax Dies in Committee.

Make sure to keep Tea Partiers in power in the House of Representatives...

Cigar manufacturers and online cigar retailers can rest a little easier as a bill that would have allowed states to begin collecting online sales taxes has been stalled, for now.

The bill, dubbed the Marketplace Fairness Act, easily passed a Senate vote in May and was then sent on to the House, where it died in committee earlier this week.

California Government is Out Of Control

This doesn't surprise anyone, does it? The latest outrage...

Introduced by Assemblyman Marc Levine, D-San Rafael, AB 746 seeks to amend the current state smoking ban by adding language that would prohibit smoking any type of tobacco product inside any residential property that contains "two or more units with one or more shared walls, floors, ceilings, or ventilation systems." In other words, apartment buildings, townhouses and condominiums would fall under the new legislation.

For Small Devices

I have been reading my logs and have noticed a number of people accessing this site via their smart phones. So I tried accessing it via my Samsung Galaxy Player. Much to my consternation, it showed a little teeny, tiny site, that you had to pinch and zoom to look at anything. I wanted this site to be easy to use and attractive no matter what you were viewing it on, so I decided to code a new adaptive theme which changes depending what is viewing it.

Oldest WWII Vet Celebrates Memorial Day With Whiskey and Cigars

He's 107 years old!

Seventy-one years ago, Army man Richard Arvine Overton was fighting for his country in the South Pacific. Now, at 107, the Austin, Texas, resident is reported to be the oldest living veteran in the United States, and his plans for Memorial Day include porching it with a cigar — he smokes up to 12 a day — and a morning mug of whiskey-laced coffee.

Android Cigar Finder App - Pretty Cool!

Now this is kind of neat!

On Wednesday the new Cigar Finder app, which lists about 7,000 stores’ cigar inventories nationwide, was released by Sean Griffin of Albuquerque.
The Android app — an iPhone version is expected to be released in about 30 days — shows lists of cigar brands available at stores across the country, and can tailor searches to the user’s location.


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