About Us

Quite a few years ago (2002 to be exact), I acquired a new hobby that gave my LSW much consternation.  This was the purchase and smoking of premium cigars.  I was quite a n00b when I discovered the usenet newsgroup alt.smokers.cigars (a long time before Facebook and Twitter).  I found some of the most knowledgeable people that I have ever met there, and I have made what I consider friendships with some of the denizens (well, if you can be a friend with someone you have never met or phoned).

About the same time, I got the bug to try and learn how to program a web based database application (yes, I am that geeky) and I decided to marry my new project with my new found love of premium cigars, and The Cigar Diary was born.  It was a maintenance nightmare, and probably not as nice as some of the flashy sites around the internet.  But I had a little niche, and I get about 20,000 visitors a month.

Then I found a Content Management System called phpwebsite and decided to port my homemade application to a modular object-oriented community maintained application.  I redesigned the cigar database app, and ported it to phpwebsite.  There it continued to work for quite a few years.  

I started getting problems with link spammers in the comments and the forums.  This irritated the three people who frequented the forums so I searched for a more modern CMS with a more responsive community.  I discovered Drupal.  This had all the required modules for spam control, and appears to be able to serve cigar descriptions with diary entries without any custom coding.  I am now in the process of getting the system all ready and to bring over all the existing reviews.

Flash forward to 2019.  I was beginning to doubt the usefulness of the setup, and the maintenance was difficult so I scrapped the old site, and started anew.  I'm going to try an make something that makes reviewing cigars a little easier.  And if it is okay for me, I hope it will be okay for you.

What an interesting road I am on.  I'm really glad you're on it with me.