Arnold Schools Jimmy Fallon On How To Smoke a Cigar

Tips from The Terminator:

Last night, Schwarzenegger appeared on The Tonight Show and recounted one of his worst cigar smoking moments. Jimmy Fallon, cigar newbie, was there. The outing went horribly. So last night, Schwarzenegger tried to school him in his inhaling art. The actor has two rules:

1. Don't cough—that makes you look like an amateur.

2. Don't lick the cigar. This does not make the tobacco burn slower. You are embarrassing yourself if you lick a cigar.

And loose, third rule: Look cool. Put the cigar in your mouth, light it, turn it slowly, puff, get a little shifty eyed, and enjoy the moment. Watch the video above to find out how these simple virtues can go horribly awry.