French Quarter Cigar Bar Wins Political Fight to Stay Open

Nice to see the nannies get it handed to them on occasion...

A political body often awash in collegiality, the New Orleans City Council let some rare resentment surface Thursday (June 4) before voting to carve out an exception in the city's zoning laws for a French Quarter cigar bar.

Yup. The cigar bar wants to keep operating. It's not infringing on anyone's rights. If you don't like smoke, don't frequent it, and don't work there.

"This is a glorified spot zone created by convoluted and clumsy political maneuvering," Guidry said. "We are demonstrating that it does not matter if you do wrong in our city, as long as you know the people up here on the dais who will bend over backwards to accommodate you. It is a horrible precedent to set.

"What we have done is to bend the law in just unbelievable ways to let a business that was operating knowingly illegally to become legal and then have a leg up on other businesses.",

The only reason they are "doing wrong" in that city is because the politicians voted to criminalize legal activity making criminals out of hundreds of law abiding business owners. How about you politicians keep out of the running of legitimate businesses that are not committing force or fraud, and you'd have a lot less "crime".