How to Adjust Your Torch Lighter

Colibri Torch Lighter

Adjusting Your Torch Lighter
By: David Robinson

Often the flame decreases in size after the first refill and may fail to ignite on the high setting. I top them up with gas which affects the pressure and usually results in a smaller flame. I then adjust them before selling. The adjustment is made inside the torch and is not really meant to be done by the owner but it can be done with a bit of fiddling.

Remove the two small screws either side of the wind-shield and pull off the top. there are no springs to jump out but the dust filter may come off from around the fire nozzle. this is easily put back on.

There is a metal plate held down by one screw. turn the screw a couple of turns to loosen the plate - no need to remove it completely. With the black flame adjustment lever at the max position, lift it off the ratchet , move it back a bit then push it back down onto the ratchet. Then push it forward to the high flame position again. Press the plunger to release the gas and apply a light from a match or another lighter to check the size of the yellow flame. This should be about 2 cm long.

the fiddly part is getting the top back on. The wire has to go up inside the the hole that leads to the copper electrode that you can see in the top, and the valve that the gas comes out of goes inside the hole in the base of the nozzle. i put the wire in first and then wriggle the top around and it goes in fairly easily. If you don't get it right the wire bends and you get no spark.

Don't make the flame too big or it is slow to extinguish. To reduce the flame size push the lever backwards, lift off the ratchet, move it to the maximum setting then push down onto the ratchet again. It's only a matter of repositioning it on the ratchet, and with intelligence, which I am sure you have, you will understand what you are doing.

The Pocket Torch really makes a superb lighter although for safety reasons it is not made as such. that's what it says on the packaging in UK but I won't light a cigar without it. Another point: there is a filter in the fire nozzle with a microscopic hole to increase the gas pressure. This is easily blocked with gunge from cheap fuel, so use he best quality such as Ronson or Swan which is charcoal filtered.

Disclaimer: These instructions are provided AS IS. Working with compressed butane can cause fire or explosion. You use these instructions at your own risk. David Robinson and this site ( shall be held harmless for any mishaps arising from the use of these instructions.

These instructions are approved for Blazer brand lighters only.