Advertising Opportunities at Cigar Diary

At Cigar Diary, our site attracts those who discuss, smoke and more importantly buy cigars and related accessories.

You could be reaching those cigar smokers hundreds of times a day. Our rates for buttons with text links are very reasonable.

The buttons are 100px wide by 60px high with no flashing or animation. They should ideally incorporate the advertiser's company logo. They can either be designed by the advertiser or by us. There can also be an optional text link directly below it.

If you would like your cigar website to be considered for inclusion in our button bar, please send me feedback using the contact link above, giving me the link to your website. We are looking for advertisers whose primary product are either premium cigars and/or accessories for premium cigars*.

* We don't give consideration to cigarette vendors, electronic cigarettes, porn, viagra, or any other kind of non-premium-cigar related businesses.